November 14, 2019

What’s So Wrong With Being Clever Then?

Sometimes it catches you unawares, doesn’t it?

You work hard at it.
You fret about it in the fearful, haunting, insecurity of the dark before dawn.
Creating something, crafting something, sweating something, organising something… putting something out there.

And the result astonishes even you.
Catches you with your shield of self-doubt waving loosely at your side.

Then… I mean… it only works!
And better than you ever thought.
What you’ve worked at even becomes a thing of beauty.

“Did I do that? Really?”

And your fragile little ego starts to puff itself up.
Just the tiniest bit, you understand.

I admit it now.
I started to bathe in that pool of praise just a little during our Autumn MasterClass this week.
As I watched our ‘Soul Millionaire Tribe’, with some bright guests, becoming excited; looking energised and inspired.
Looking to me with “Wow!” written on their faces.

At least, I waded into that pool, up to my ankles.

Then a wave of chilling realisation smacked me in the face.
And cooled my passion just a tad.

I didn’t really create this MasterClass; this inspiring environment of insight and wisdom.
Did I?
They did that.

I was just the conduit.
There to place a collection of ideas at their feet.
Ideas that had been floating around since the beginning of time. Well, mankind anyway.

Then their collective brilliance produced the wonders and the many “Aha’s!” of the day.

I think that’s what our businesses are.
They’re conduits for genius that already swims around us.

Conduits for ideas which can change people, and enrich lives.
At the very least, alleviate some of their frustrations and remove some of their obstacles.

You and me?
We’re merely stewards: responsible for shaping the conduit.
Responsible for the channelling of that power towards other people.

We’re the guides that serve the real heroes of the story…
By bringing them the instruments to wield, the elixirs to drink, the confidence to continue the adventure.

How skilfully we construct and manage and direct that conduit…
How clearly and simply we let the heroes know that we can deliver that elixir to them…

That skill and that clarity will define our business’s ability to thrive… or merely survive.

So, remember that when you’re about to self-adulate.
You’re a conduit.
The genius already exists.