December 2, 2021

You Really Believe You Can Make This Work?

The story of today’s financial advisory sector is a ridiculous one.
When you consider the UK business stats…

Surely, we’re all aware.
80% of UK businesses fizzle out within 5 years of forming.

And 80% of those don’t make it through the next 5 years.

So, it’s amazing that new financial advisory businesses last as long as they do!
And that those who try to fundamentally reshape their business manage some success.

Is it that we’re all delusional in this profession?
Hmmm. Probably.

We’d all have to be… for everyone to believe that they’re in the Top 10% of entrepreneurial spirits.
Which they clearly do.

Yet I’ve met many of you. Many.
And – bonkers or not – your story is worth the telling.

You finance it.
You design it.
You build it.
You risk-assess it.
You constantly learn it.
You devote to it.
You sacrifice for it.
You dream about it.
You fret about it.
You regularly measure it.
You report it.
You market it.
You sell and present it.
You recruit into it.
You nurture it.
You develop and grow it.
You then try to lead it.

The list seems infinite.

Yet, there’s only you (to start with)
And you’re merely mortal. Stunningly finite.

I’ve watched you wrestle and struggle and sweat and fear and flail and weep.
And you’re still here!

You’re still an inspiration for some.
You’re still looking after folk.
You’re still doing what most (normal, sane) folk talk about… but never attempt.

Who knows, you could become a role model for others.
You could become a name that others speak fondly about.
For years to come.

Meanwhile, one way or another, you know you have to grow and change from within.
Just to stay alive in this tumultuous, changing world.

I wonder…
Is it worth it?

Don’t think I can answer that.

But here’s the conclusion I’ve come to…
After years of working with you.

You really don’t have a choice, do you?
This is who you were meant to be, in business!

This is what feeds your soul.
This adventure. This danger. This outlandish. This ludicrous.
This bonkers!

I take my hat (and coat) off to you.
For some gloriously, wildly inexplicable reason…
You really DO believe you can make this work!

Don’t you?