June 3, 2021

Will Advisers Lose Their Freedom?

The beautiful women in my family – Wendy and the girls – have combined to do this to me from time to time.

To banish me.

Banish me to my garden.
Banish me, when I’m just a tad impossible to be around.

Usually, it’s because I’m complaining.
Complaining how hard I’ve worked on a business project.
Worked for so very long.
And how it just won’t go right for me.

You know the feeling.

The sky is definitely going to fall.

Moreover, nobody likes me.
Everybody hates me.
Think I’ll go and eat worms.

Of course, I love my Bee and Butterfly Garden.
Even in the Spring drizzle and biting wind.

Tending it, muddy and wet, changes my perspective on life, you see.

And – three hours later – I peek inside, grinning, at the back door.
Checking to see that I’m welcome back.

Emotions calmed.
Spirit at peace.
Priorities clear.

What does my grumbling and complaining highlight in the starkest fashion?
It’s this.

How easily I forget my freedom!
The freedom of leading the business I’ve created.
The freedom to do what I think is valuable and right.

What Covid has taught me is that this freedom is such a precious, profound privilege.
One that can be whipped away in a cough and a sneeze.

This privilege was rammed home last night when I sat, gawking, through the latest Panorama report: “Are You Scared Yet, Human?”

And made more real this weekend when Steve, my favourite Australian son-in-law, pointed out the decimation of financial advisers in Australia.

In the light of that…
to think that “I’m entitled” is a doubly daft delusion.

What then will I do with this precious, profound privilege?
This freedom thing.

Will I hoard it?
Will I pluck its fruits only for my family’s comfort, consumption and benefit?

Or will I do something bold. Something beautifully outrageous?

Will I listen to what a workshop full of clients told me in the Summer of 2019…
When asked for the four qualities they most admired in their favourite leaders-amongst-humanity?

Here are two of those leadership qualities:

  • “Selfless”
  • “Inspirational” (because they had a purpose bigger than themselves)

Now, what about you?

It’s your turn to face those questions.
Your turn to lead people, rather than manage projects.

You’re free!

What daring thoughts does that freedom invite in you?
What selfless, inspired impact will your business efforts leave in this world?

What kind of leadership will you develop in yourself and your team, to take your profession into a more enlightened future?

Never forgetting…

How easily this whole privilege – this freedom to build and lead – can disappear…

in the stroke of a politician’s pen.
In the arms of an airborne organism.