April 29, 2021

When You Say “Zig”. I Say “Zag”

We’re a wonderfully strange lot.
We Humans.
We Beings
We Peoples.

But oh, so strange.

We’re supposed to be pretty bright, as Beings go.
Yet, you look around you and you see a marvellous mixture of magic, mayhem and sheer madness!

One of our saving graces is that we’re so diverse.
So very different from each other.
In many respects, that diversity is one of our saving graces. Our surviving and thriving.
Even though it does drive us to distraction, more often than not.

Can you imagine 10 people exactly like me?
Ten David Scarletts?
What a historical, genetic calamity!

Yet, sadly, too many forces try to make us all the same.
Try to persuade us to think like each other.
To behave like each other.

Business is a classic example.
“Copy me!
Because I know.
Trust me.
When you do it my way… you’ll be far better off!

Even better.
BE like me!”

(Which leads to a world full of male professional advisers.
All of a certain age.)

And so, our inadequacies, our avoidance of risk, our fear of getting it wrong, means we listen to them. We all tend to do it.

Repeat the message often enough, and the herd starts to turn and follow.

History shows that the herd can be persuaded to follow just about anybody (no matter how insane), given the right messages.
Repeated often enough.

We particularly seem to love scripts.
Or packaged presentations.

Scripts to get potential Professional Alliances to want to do business with you.
Send you their precious, hard-won clients; so that you can do your Thing.

Packaged presentations to help you explain to a new client how simple it is to reorganise their money.
As long as they work with you.

“Why do we love that?” you might ask.
Well might you ask!

Perhaps it’s because we then don’t have to think for ourselves.

Thinking is such bloomin’ hard work!
Particularly when there are so many doings to be done in leading a business!

Who on earth wants to have to think for themselves as well?
Give me strength!

They say “Zig”
So we Zig.

If we’re really, really smart, we Zag.
But Zagging is far too much like hard, time-consuming, brain-pumping work!

Here, at Soul Millionaire, do we provide workbooks, checklists – even scripts – for our clients?
Oh, yes, we do!

Then we ask them to do two things:
1.Analyse what’s written, until they can identify the one or two principles underlying all those words.
2.Rewrite what they’ve seen, so that it’s clear that they understand the principles.
And it’s in their words.

Not practices.

Without that discipline, we’re coercing our clients to become mimics. Parrots.
We’re robbing them of their colossal power to think brilliantly for themselves.

We’re demeaning their 100 billion brain cells.
100 billion.
That’s a lot of noughts.
That’s a lot of innovative power (to help you stand out from the crowd).

Principles are – by definition – readily transferable. (From one strange being to another.)
Practices aren’t.

Want to really impress your future clients?
Then seek to discover the principles that speed the process of trust.

Want to encourage potential future professional alliances? People who will sing your praises?
Then seek to discover the principles that cause cautious, busy people to open wide the doors to their world… and let you in.

Where can you find them – these Principles Thingummyjigs?

Well, I’ve been sharing them for yonks in this Thinking Bench.
So, you might like to plunge into (re)reading some of them.

(Or you could Think for Yourself and seek out the Principle Thingummyjigs in the plethora of life-shifting books, podcasts and videos out there.