January 26, 2023

What’s so unique about you?

It took some time to realise that my mouth was wide open,
As had been the case for more than a minute or two.
I could hardly believe what my senses were screaming.
What had caused me such turmoil? Well, I’ll give you a clue.

I’d encountered ‘A.I’. that intelligence robotic:
Some incredible software had rewritten my script.
It had crawled all over our Mission and Ethos,
And digested our service, ‘til our marketing it had gripped.

Then the voice of those gurus echoed loud in mind’s chambers:
“What you do will be outsourced, if not now, then pretty soon”.
And I wondered “will there be some smart algorithms
Built to replace my skills? Or make me a cartoon?”

‘Twas then came the laughter, ‘til my sides they were splitting.
For our living is not ‘bout process or technique.
There’s so much that’s of wonder in what makes us so human.
Let’s examine what really makes your role so unique.

I am more than the mastery of skills marked as ‘technical’!
I am more than performance and well-practiced routine!
I am more than out-planning those who I compare myself with!
I am more than efficiency and a well-oiled machine!

What you bring to the world is not formula driven.
What you bring goes beyond A + B = C.
What you bring does far more than give solutions to questions.
What you bring has more depth than the vast, boundless sea.

You are warmth and such achingly pure sensitivity.
You are nobility, lighting the world with your stance.
You are generous and eager to lift those in need, and
You are playful, and love to teach others your dance.

You are reverent, when others their hearts fold wide open
As they share with you hopes, dreams and unmet desires.
You are courageous, and don’t see how often you inspire.
You’re the spark that helps others rekindle their fires.

You are battered and scarred; and from that have gained wisdom.
So, you smile and look high as you walk through this earth.
You are Hope and you’re Faith and you’re Love manifest made.
You’re a blessing to Life since the moment of your birth.

You bring essence to your work, that can hardly be captured
In words; let alone be mapped out to rebuild.
So, rejoice in the influence your humanity has spread here!
You are YOU. So unique, your space can never be refilled.
You are YOU. So unique, your space can never be refilled.