July 15, 2021

The Next Step for Good Financial Planners

It’s one of the great privileges of reaching this stage of (so-called) maturity.
(I’m considering how to convince my children that “dotage” doesn’t quite do it for me)

The privilege of finding myself surrounded by truly good people.

This week, I sat back and pondered the faces of leaders gazing intently at me during our (Zoom-facilitated) MasterClass. And whispered to myself…. “These are exceptional beings!”

Yes, I’m fortunate to have met many fine, good people during my life.

But, you see, there’s “Good”.
And then there’s “Good for Something“.

These people I spent the day with (how can I phrase this?)…
Well, they’re Good for Something Extraordinary.

Meaning what?

Well, that’s more easily explained by considering the opposite.
I think of all the other bright, intellectually-gifted, well-qualified Advisers and Planners I’ve met over the years.

I recall meetings where I ask them to show me what they do.
The things they do that win them clients and creates their own financial success.
Their Value Proposition Thingy, if you like.

And they do.

Investment strategies which sound technically awesome.
Planning which saves clients £tens-of- thousands of tax (of all sorts, names and regimes).
Technical strategies which stretch my poor brain until it aches.

I sit there impressed.
Honestly impressed.

Until I ask a simple question.
“So… You’re Doing This, in Order That You Can Help Clients to Change Their Lives… in What Way?”

Silence that roars in our ears.

You see they’re technically clever. Seriously clever.
They’re good at what they do.

(In fact, compared to average mortals like me…
They’re bloomin’ brilliant!)

But I’m not sure I know what they’re good for (apart from reorganising money and reaching financial targets).

And I’m not sure THEY know either.

The people I met with this week?
Well, they’re beyond technically competent.

They’re Inspirational.
They’re Selfless.
They’re Self-aware.
They’re Courageously Open to Other’s Ideas.

They’re more than Financial Planners.
They’re becoming the kind of Leaders that others (clients and teams) love to engage with and follow!

And they’re practising the professional skills that allow them to change people’s perspective, thinking, behaviour, wellbeing and physical reality.
(That’s lyrical talk for ‘Changing People’s Lives’)

Skills you won’t find in any Financial Planning textbook or exam.

One day.
One day when you feel daring.
One day when you sense the difference.
You might want to ask me how they’re doing that.

In the meantime, I’ll pass on their question to you.

“Are you good at what you do?
Really good?

Or are you Good for Something That Matters?”