February 17, 2023

The leader within you

There is this great power within me I’m sensing,
And it matters not whate’er my title might be.
It’s the power to lead, to inspire, to raise up.
To help others to grasp the pure wonders I see.

Perhaps it’s with clients I can exercise this power;
Helping them resurrect dreams left wasting and dying
Helping them realise what they hardly believe: that
Their hopes can unfold and take wings like they’re flying.

Perhaps it’s with colleagues, with their genius still dormant,
Who could feel they’re more valued, respected and heard.
Those who long to do work that they sense really matters:
To be part of the future; souls awakened and stirred.

Yes, I know what it feels to be weighed by a culture,
Where those holding the helm do not see what is clear.
That you manage your systems, your projects, your process.
But your people need leading; a strength still far too rare!

And I’ve come to realise it’s just not in my workplace,
That this power is needed by me to unfold.
For life calls us to lead in each role and arena.
In each relationship where someone’s heart we do hold.

Am I being the leader that my family yearns for?
Am I creating a world where they feel nurtured, secure?
Do they feel at the forefront of my thinking and planning?
Does my presence give courage? Is their love reassured?

When my friends and my neighbours face dark moments of doubting,
Do they turn to be with me, some solace to seek?
Do I have what it takes to provide that compassion?
Do I know how to strengthen, when they find they feel weak?

Then there’s me. In what way am I leading my spirit?
What now gives me direction? To what beat do I drum?
When I strive, is my influence one that gives hope to others?
Am I becoming the leader whom I want to I become?
Am I becoming the leader whom I want to become?