February 9, 2024

Ready to be really trusted by clients? But faster?

We love our formulae, don’t we?

You know…

  • ‘The 7 Habits of This’…
  • ‘The 4 Quadrants of That’…
  • ‘The 10 Rules of The Other’…

Well, this week I was talking about ‘The Speed of Trust’ with my Executive Coach, Jane. She reminded me of a 4-Quadrant prompt to accomplish that Trust. At speed.

“When we want to become that ‘TRUSTED ADVISER’ so widely spoken about.
But we want it to happen sooner.”

So, allow me to share Jane’s 4 ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS to becoming that Trusted Adviser. But faster!

1. Competence

As Ruth Sturkey pointed out (way back in 2019) becoming fully qualified (Chartered, Certified etc) is now a hygiene factor. It’s a ‘Given’.
It’s what clients deserve when we ask to look after the results of their life’s efforts.

What’s more… you’d better be well immersed in the technology expected by today’s Gen X and millennials! The biggest transition of wealth (from Baby Boomers) is about to start! And the receiving generation are tech-savvy!

2. Character

Clients are seriously smart! Intuitively so!
They can smell Self-Serving Agendas and Power Sales Techniques a mile off.
(In fact, they probably taught many of those sales techniques to their teams!)

What they seek is not merely what you KNOW.
They’re looking at who you ARE, behind the website platitudes, the clever jargon, the smart offices and the ‘suit’.
They’re sensing your real intentions. Using their gut, their life wisdom (and biases) as well as their intellect.

3. Consistency

Client trust multiplies when they experience your consistency.
It spells ‘INTEGRITY’ to them.

We make promises. Then we keep them.
And we don’t point fingers at third parties to get us off-the-hook.
Even if third party incompetence is real. We should have factored that into our promises.
That goes with the territory!

4. Care

Yes, I was taught the old sales platitudes about “They don’t care what you know etc”
But I’m talking about a much deeper skillset and character quality.

The ability to create an environment, an approach, which oozes compassion and care.
The ability to ask quality questions which allow them to share their very heart and soul with you – a complete stranger.

Because you genuinely value them: their mind, their heart and their story…
Far more than you value their money!

The character you must develop and bring with you.
The skillset we call ‘COACHING’.

When it’s learned… and used wisely…
It transforms relationships.
It multiplies and speeds trust!

If you want to start learning HOW to use trust-building coaching questions.