May 10, 2024

Here’s to The Crazy Ones… Who Create Our Hopeful Future!

I wonder if I’m just lucky?
Or somewhat privileged?

Because I meet them wherever I travel… or reach out.

They are the Crazy Ones!
Those who lead by being different.
Those who lead… by actually learning HOW to lead!

Those who refuse to merely copy what was done in the past.
Those who see the future differently.

Those who don’t let The Monetary Prize deter them from What Matters most.
Those who won’t let Goal Setting distract them from Deep Relationship Building.
With both clients and colleagues.

Those who create TRULY sustainable businesses.
Businesses whose culture and teams and clients remain intact and thriving… without the founder’s presence.

Those who won’t recycle the talent that exists.
Instead, they invest deeply and patiently in the young talent that they can develop.

Those who find mockers and critics galore, pointing out WHY they’re missing out on the immediate, the proximate, the short term rewards.

Because, doing your thing in business isn’t easy. Is it?
It’s bloomin’ gruelling!

It demands grit and courage and uncertainty and leaping of chasms.
With many tears and fears and Dark Nights of The Soul.

Meanwhile… we get it wrong so often, on that uncertain road to accomplishment.
And only those who have walked this road really know what you’re going through.

So, let’s just cheer ourselves a little.

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels.
The ones who see things differently. 
Because THEY change things. 
They push humanity forward.

Those people who are CRAZY enough to think they can change the world… 
are the ones who do”.

If you recognise yourself in this…
Here’s To YOU!