April 2, 2021

Creating a Sweet Surprise for Each Client!

Each of us had work projects that lay screaming at us from our In-trays.
But it took us only seconds to agree that there were more important things in life.

Like, not things.
Rather, relationships.

It was Wednesday, this week, when many of us lost our sense of reasoning.
And dived into seeing those we love – and have missed so intensely.

You’d think we’d never played with our children and grandchildren in a park before.
It felt like that.
And Rule-of-Six was the perfect number for us, as we flew frisbees in the sunshine.

How rapidly and astonishingly they had changed! These little folk that we love.

His mop of hair and razor-sharp native intellect, calling up memories of Mowgli in Jungle Book.
Her energy, laughter and long-limbed athleticism heralding great things in sports or wild-life adventuring.

How they surprised and delighted us!
How much more they seemed to know than mere months past!

Like recognising which tiny, pink, trumpet-shaped flowers (weeds?) at the field’s edge you should put to your lips…
to suck out the sweet nectar at the base of each trumpet.

And how everything tastes better in the wide, sprawling shade of a tree who has seen more than we can imagine.

Even the violent sneezing and streaming eyes that beset us by the time we reached home…
was worth every tissue and allergy tablet.

If we’re lucky, we’re surrounded by people of all ages whose lives and understanding keep changing; who keep surprising us.

Of course, that does pose the question:
“Are we keeping up? Are we also changing apace?
Do we still surprise and delight them?”

I received a gift in the post this week.
Totally unexpected.

it was a back-pack.
Not something I anticipated, having signed up 9 months ago to a ‘Create Your Own Online Courses’ thingy.

I’d expect a Certificate-of-Outstanding-Course-Development-Progress, perhaps.
Maybe even a Become-an-Internet-Billionaire paperback in the post.

But a back-pack?!
It was fun.
It brought a smile.
It created a fresh conversation.
It stopped me in my tracks as I was about to go back to my ShedQuarters screen work.

Then there are the weekly podcasts that Austyn sends to his home-bound, pandemic-beleaguered clients.
Podcasts with meaningful, personal comments on how the world is working.
And what that has to do with them.
Podcasts that sound like a gentle chat: sometimes with laughter.
Podcasts that his clients gratefully respond to.
And which have created more client referrals than he had considered possible.

You can hear the question bubbling up, can’t you?
So, let’s just place it, right there, on the table between us.

How often do you surprise your clients?

How many conversations with you and your team leave each client feeling delighted?
Helping them feel that being with you is an experience as sweet as sipping nectar.