Being part of the Tribe provides a sense of belonging, support, and connection with other advisers and leaders… who share similar vision, purpose and values.

What’s more, Tribe Members learn to coach each other in implementing significant, meaningful and enriching changes in their business… and their lives.

This combined sense of community strength and positive progress leads to Members feeling more confident, happy and fulfilled.

It’s so good to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. All with different backgrounds. Yet kindred spirits.

Andy Hounsell
Managing Director

The environment is so positive. There’s no judgement going on. It’s good to know that these meetings are here each month.

Andrew Johnston
Senior Partner

This group pulls me back to what is essential in my life.

Austyn Smith
Managing Director

Gives me greater clarity. Improves my depth of thinking.

Ian Kemp
Financial Life Planner

Being with you, and working on parts of The Journey, has changed the way that I approach business.

John Pulahi

Great support. With no judgement.

Mark Raybould
Financial Planner

Confirms to me that the world is full of nice people. With a willingness to lift others.

Nigel Barker-Smith
Financial Planner and Registered Life Planner

This group has had a massive impact on my life! I’ve felt the love and the giving from you.

Philip Piggins
Chartered Financial Planner

Together, we get a chance to think much bigger!

Pierre Coussey
Chartered Financial Planner, Head of Wealth Planning

Being with you has had a huge impact on me! Allows me to break away from the ‘madness’ out there!

Simon Durkan
Wealth Planner

Has helped me think about the influence I’m having. And about my purpose in business

Simon Tuson
Financial Adviser

Gives me a new slant to my thinking. A new group of friends. A new way of looking at things.

Steve Speed
Director, Employee Benefit Consultant

Here I feel supported. And after each meeting with you all, I feel relaxed and serene. I’m reset.

Tim Gurr
Managing Director, Chartered Financial Planner