May 20, 2022

Attracting The Clients You’d Absolutely Love to Work With (Part 2)

It’s many long years since I first came to see that
Following the crowd seldom serves us that well.
From that moment I vowed I’d reverse what was common.
And that one clear decision helped my business excel.

Last week I discussed how your business can flourish
When you choose with more care those clients you’ll serve.
I provided two rules to attract them towards you,
In a way that they’ll pay the high fees you deserve.

This week I’ll augment that with two more behaviours
To boost your results by not serving the mass.
Master these and you’ll enjoy far more than ‘more money’.
Ignore them, your ‘status’ in ‘quo’ stays, alas.

Let’s examine once more this science called ‘niching’.
Let’s study the nuggets of knowledge you’ll need.
If you’re eager to reap what is solely reserved for
Those savvy enough to these four rules give heed.

The third rule needs you to see what they’re not saying.
“Do you know why I hurt? And what angst brings me pain?”
‘Cos the problem they first present for your attention
Is seldom what haunts them and drives them insane.

The fourth rule will shift you to look to their future.
“Do you know of the outcomes I deeply desire?
What dreams lie unlived, and what hopes have been squashed?
What is it that could set my weak hopes on fire?”

When you true understand these two needs spelt above.
When you can express them before even you’ve met,
Well, you’ll gain their attention, you’ll peak their desire.
You’ll start to gain trust. And you’ve not conversed yet!

If you’re to engage folk, these things you must know:
What drives them, what lifts them, what truths they believe.
For the more that you’re versed in the world where they dwell, then
The better you’ll serve, and the more you’ll receive.
So much better you’ll serve. So much more you’ll receive.

© An original poem by David J Scarlett

Attracting The Clients You’d Absolutely Love to Work With (Part 1)