July 26, 2019

Why Others Will Remember You

Watching them was such a joyful experience.
The feeling welled up and almost choked me.

They were standing and pacing and scribbling and gesticulating and laughing and debating and underlining.
And they were doing some of that on the walls!

Luckily for me (and the hotel) the walls were covered in Magic Flipchart pages.

Passionate conversation ebbed at times into quiet pondering.
Yet, the intensity was palpable.
You could taste it.

This was the scene in our Summmer MasterClass.
a mere two weeks ago.

This was The Soul Millionaire Tribe in action!

The subject was ‘Iconic Leadership’
The intent was to ‘Build Something Magnificent’… with our businesses.
To discover how we could become Transformational in our influence in this world.

And we were asking the question…
”What qualities do we discover in iconic leaders?
Leaders who have carved themselves into our collective memories…
who have influenced the world…
for good?”

  • Mahatma Gandhi

  • Mother Theresa

  • Princess Diana

  • Muhammad Ali (Yep. Him too!)

  • Nelson Mandela

  • Martin Luther King Jnr

  • Emmeline Pankhurst

  • Albert Einstein

  • … and more.

There were scores of answers flowing and flurrying and pouring out of their mouths and bodies and minds and hearts.

There was laughter that day.
And there were tears.

But – towards the end of that buzzing, exhausting Summer afternoon – we had boiled all of these down into just four qualities.

And I’ll share one of those with you today.

It’s this.
Self Less Ness.

The capacity to be a more influential leader by being a more powerful servant to your team.

To rise above “What’s Best for Me… and Mine”

And to make a contribution to those who look to us for direction.
To the community which provides us with privilege and comforts and riches galore.
To devote our energies to something – A Purpose – that is bigger than us and our financial welfare.

Just look at those iconic names above!

Every one of them was prepared to sacrifice… everything.
So that others could be freer… safer… happier…

It is that Purpose that makes each and all of them so Inspirational.
So memorable.
So worthy of our gratitude.

We speak of them…
We marvel…
Because they show us who we are… when we are our Best Selves.

So, here’s the question.

What about you?
What about your business?

What is it about your intent… your driving force… your strategy… your thinking… your behaviour?

What is the selflessness about you that others will speak of…
Years from now?

That others will be inspired by?
And wish to emulate?

Find that.
Find your Servant Leadership role.
And you’ll experience a joy and fulfilment that few ever attain.

Yet it is just there, waiting to be yours.
If you’d just stretch your hand out to reach it!