July 12, 2019

When Ignorance Is Definitely Not Bliss

I find that life still surprises me.

After weeks of thinking that I’ve finally become quite wise; almost sage.
People or events or experiences teach me…
”You’ve still a lot to learn, matey.”

For example, I’m still surprised by patterns that emerge.
How almost identical experiences roll at you in waves.

Take this week.
in our emotional Summer MasterClass we were talking about ‘Lifting Others’ as part of Iconic Leadership.
Being a Selfless Light, rather than a self-absorbed creature.

Then, in a meeting last night ‘Lifting Others’ was part of our discussion.
And very, very early this morning, a conversation at home on being a Light, not a Judge.

When this happens, the limited wisdom I have learned tells me that I’m being asked to stop and think.

I’ve learned that Life is tapping me on the shoulder.
Perhaps smacking me around the head.
And saying “Ey up, lad. You listening to this?”

So, I wonder…
Am I doing that?
You know, this ‘Lifting Others’?
Or am I doing something else – something far less noble – as I bumble through life?

Do I lift?
Or do I judge?

Am I a Light?
Or do I bring a cloud with my presence?

Do I bring Joy?
Or does my presence make others wary, exhausted and defensive?

And what about you?
What impact is your presence, perhaps your leadership, having on the team around you?
Or do you prefer not to ask?

In my coaching I’ve met so many leaders who have absolutely no idea of their impact on their team.
And many team members who are similarly blissfully unaware of their impact on their colleagues.

Many lives are affected by such lack of insight.
Those lives then ricochet into scores of other relationships within, and outside of, work.

So, what to do?
Well, it helps to ask the people you’re with for hours each day.

Imagine a business where everybody was crystal clear about the impact of their behaviour on others.
Imagine a business where everybody felt actively lifted and supported and honoured and listened to…
…the minute they entered the building.

What would that kind of team do to the world around them?

Well, I’ll tell you.
Brilliant thinking would abound!
Creativity would fly ‘off the scale’!
Quality of Service would be legendary!
Clients would have an experience with that inspired team which would take their breath away!

Regularly, I sit with Wendy and ask her…
”Wen… How am I doing as a husband this month?”

And she tells me.
(Oh yes. In as gentle a manner as possible… she definitely tells me)

Then, when I’m ‘on form’ I find myself feeling as elated as a 10 year old, soaking up the praise of a parent.

We bounce and we ricochet and we ripple into our community, as we float through this thing we call ‘Life’.
We seem to bounce hardest when we’re given a mere whiff of power over others.

Imagine looking back and seeing a host of lives that are enriched and ennobled as a result of your bouncing and rippling.

What a sight that would be!
What a world this would be!