May 17, 2019

Asking Questions That Matter Most

Wendy and I, we were reminded once more this week.

We were reminded how fleeting this life is.
How fragile and tender.

So, each of us has been quiet and pensive.
Lost in the world of our thoughts.

And during this week, I have thought for hours of all that makes life so very precious.

The moments of side-splitting laughter.
And the tears together.

Love shared and treasured.
Lifting another, in times of need.

Savouring good food, with good friends.
Watching Nature unfold in the Spring.
Birdsong in the morning and honeysuckle perfume in the evening.

Re-discovering cards and letters proclaiming friendship, and yes, romance.

Holding a new-born baby, and wondering at the miracle.
The breathless excitement of The First Time (for almost any experience).

Nurturing and protecting those in our care…including our team at work.
Creating an environment, and taking courageous action, which brings others fulfilment.

Walking arm-in-arm with a daughter, as she approaches That Moment at her wedding.

Knowing that our work matters to the world.
Surprising ourselves with overcoming what seemed impossible.
Enduring fierce odds, and being tested to our limit.

Feeling our spirit fly free, and our imagination soar.
And helping others to fly with us.

At the end of all things…
These are the experiences we will remember.
These are the influences and small triumphs for which we will be remembered.

The rest?
The stuff we’ll collect on the way?
The stuff we flaunt and strut?

Well, it’s just stuff, isn’t it?
Comfortable distractions.

So, when we’re a-strategising and a-planning and a-project managing and a-difficult-decision-making…
I wonder what space we’ll provide for the question.

You know, The Question.

“Does This Really Matter?”

Then, The Deeper Question:

If We Do This…
Will This Bring Us Joy?
Joy That We Will Relate With Quiet Passion To Others, Decades From Now?

And Will This – This Decision, This Action – Bring Others Joy?”