April 26, 2019

Climb Every Mountain… With Your Clients

I leaned forward, my sweating palms against the cool rock-face.

My wife, Wendy, sat on a boulder, leaning backwards; her mouth wide open, clutching the air.
Her sister, Linda, simply slumped on one of the steps, hewn out of the rock, her head in her hands.

The noise of our wheezing and coughing and gasping formed the most hilarious three-part harmony.
Except that none of the people trying to clamber around and over us seemed to think it worth listening to.

We should have been eating our lunch by now.
We should have started 30 minutes ago: stretched out on that artificial (don’t ask) grass and those benches hundreds of feet below and behind us.

But we weren’t.
We were clambering along the man-chiselled pathway, leaning precariously on the side of a jutting edifice in the midst of Australia’s famous Blue Mountains.
Think The Grand Canyon. Cover it with rain-forest. Stretch it for 96 kilometres.
Then you have an idea of what i’m talking about.

Two of our brutally-fit daughters (with equally fit companions and friends) had decided that lunch would best be eaten “with an amazing view”. And had dashed off with all the food….
leaving the three of us elderly folk lumbering slowly, somewhat bemused, in their wake.

Consider the fearful weight of our combined ages…
Add – between my wife and her sister – diabetes… arthritis… high-blood pressure… ripped knee ligaments… 2 heart operations…
Oh, and vertigo.

And you’ll understand why we were grumbling and not-so-silently cursing during our third pit-stop.

I’m sure the view from where we were slumped was stunning.
But we couldn’t give a hoot right then.
We didn’t have the energy to do much more than breathe in and out.

The only vision that was dancing before my eyes was the fashionably ‘distressed’ sign hanging in the very spacious hallway of our beloved friends mansion home (I’m not sure that “house” quite covers it).

It reads “Grandchildren Are God’s Reward for Not Strangling Our Children”

The thought of strangulation seemed quite delightful in that moment.
And I’m sure my face wore a somewhat manic grin.

Well, we did make it to the top-of-whichever-mountain we were clambering.
And the view took away whatever was left of our breath.
And it was pointless trying to capture with a camera the scale and majesty of what we beheld .
And we did enjoy our picnic lunch.

Oh, and we saw how magnificent our life really is.
How blessed we are.
And how sweet it is to see our journey from a more sweeping perspective.

We work hard at teaching our clients (our “Soul Millionaire Tribe Members”) how to take their own clients on a Journey of New Perspective.
Using coaching skills, they become adept at helping their clients see life’s possibilities through new eyes.

In fact Austyn, a successful Financial Planner, has coined a phrase for this experience he provides.
He calls it “Himalaya Moments”.

He takes clients intellectually and emotionally deeper and higher than they have ever been before.
What he accomplishes makes a nonsense of merely asking them about their Goals and Objectives.

And clients love him for it.

So, here’s the question…

How skilled are you and your team at helping clients see possibilities in their lives that they’d never even considered?

Because, when you know how to do that….
Your relationship changes profoundly.

And they regard you – and pay you – in a way that leaves your peers wondering “How On Earth Do You Do That?”

In fact, the outcomes for clients and your business are so transformative and different…
it leaves them gasping and breathless.

(PS. Our youngest daughter proclaimed afterwards “What amazing memories we’ve created for our family on this holiday!”. Fortunately, we’re still alive to tell the tale.)