March 14, 2019

What Precedes A Miracle In Your Business?

I could see it in their eyes.

They wanted to believe me.
They wanted to believe me so badly.
They wanted to believe that I wasn’t merely lost in the flourish of my own hyperbole.
They wanted to believe that maybe – just maybe – this tiny gathering of 15 people really could change a whole industry.

But the flame of their belief was flickering with such fragile intent.
So, I continued thinking out loud.

“In 2020, I see us delivering our own powerful conference.
The people around this table.

And in that conference YOU will be the main speakers: the only speakers.
YOU will be the voices that others travel far and wide to listen to.”

And their faces spoke “Well, that’s possible, isn’t it?” We can just about believe that.”

At 5 pm, after the MasterClass, I crawled home…
too tired even to speak, after being part of the day’s extraordinary event unfolding in front of me.

I should have just retired with some light reading onto one of our cream sofas.
But I made the mistake of “popping into my Garden Office”, to check that the air conditioning and PC were shut down.

And, of course, I spotted it, didn’t I?
The email.
The siren subject line singing to me so very sweetly.

It was from Carrie: the marketing consultant responsible for the new, innovative series of conferences, seminars and workshops. The “Power Live” things.

Here’s what it said:
”David… Would you like to help us create this next event (details rather hush-hush for the moment).
And would you like to invite some of the characters in your book to take part?”

Well, I’ll be!
The “characters in my book” just happened to include the people I’d been passionately exhorting and encouraging just 90 minutes ago!

It’s crazy, isn’t it?

You open your mouth, to say “I Want This To Happen”
And – from left wing – “This” gets thrown on stage… to land there at your feet.

It seems to me…
Miracles – even little, seemingly inconsequential miracles – don’t happen frequently enough…
Because, today, we don’t believe enough.

We daren’t allow the concept called “faith” to unsettle the logical, scientific world we’ve wrapped around us. If we did, we would feel so very out-of-control.

Yet, in shunning that possibility…
We miss out on what it means to be Stunningly, Beautifully Human.

We rob ourselves of the possibility of joyous, miraculous experiences.
And our businesses, our people, our clients are comparative paupers as a result.