March 1, 2019

Giving Your Business The Name That It Deserves

I leaned against the French doors leading from our dining room, and gazed at the small figure, alone, outside, on the patio.

 Then I turned and said to Wendy, “The day she stops doing that is the day we lose our little girl.”

 I turned back again, and shuddered at the chill wind blowing our youngest daughter’s wild curls around her face.

Every afternoon, she would enact this routine after coming home from school.

She would completely ignore us; walk through the kitchen, slam the back door behind her… and kneel down by her very own sandpit.

In this desert world she created an ecosystem as home to her collection of dinosaurs.

This went on for years.
No matter what the weather or the temperature outside.

 We couldn’t get a word out of her…
Until she had spent time in the timeless world she had created.

 I meet leaders of businesses who tell me “I’m not very creative. You’ll have to spell out the next step for me.”

 And I think: “What on earth are you talking about?
You’ve been creating since you were tiny!
You’ve created worlds and relationships and loves and pictures and writings and visions and dreams… 

I bet you’ve even flown in some of those dreams!
Why would you imagine you’ve stopped creating now?”

 We label ourselves.
“I’m introverted.
I’m shy.
I’m too logical.
I’m not good at managing people.
I’m not a touchy-feely person.
I’m a gets-it-done-last-minute kind of person.
I’m a cynical-because-of-what-happened-to-me person.”

 We label ourselves, as if we’re unable to change.
As if we’re unable to be anything else other than what we’ve been before.

 And so, particularly in business, we get stuck in the past.
Our past. 

And it paralyses us.

So, let’s get real here.
Let’s talk on a basis of Truth.

Of all creatures on this earth…
We have shown that we have powers of creation which are, at times, difficult to comprehend; let alone articulate.

 We ARE Glorious Creators.
That’s what we do. 

Your business is a Living Entity that you’ve created.
It’s the conduit through which you can muddle along… or learn to create more gloriously.
It creates with you.
’Creator’ is what it is.
Because that is what you are.

This is our reality.

The question is…
“What Are You Going To Create Now?”