February 10, 2019

The Georgie factor

I met him this week.
I’d hoped that I would, one day.
Especially since we’d been talking about him for two years.

But, yesterday was the day that technology came through for me.
I sat in West Sussex.
He bounced around in Hertfordshire.
And he actually spoke to me.
Even offered to share a drink with me.

Well, he didn’t so much speak to me… as chuckle with me.
And, sitting in my Garden Office, that Wendy irreverently calls my ShedQuarters) I chuckled too.

When he smiled, my face on the Zoom screen showed that I was wreathed in smiles too.
When he laughed, I couldn’t help laughing with the sheer magic of the moment.

This was George.
(I feel privileged to call him “Georgie”)

If I were to live until the Queen was obliged to write to me…
I doubt that I will ever meet a more joyful spirit walking this earth.

We’ve been talking about him, even before he arrived in this world.
I hope I get to talk about him for many more years to come.

One day, George will grow to understand the powerful influence that his existence has had.
Because everybody feels better for having met him. Everybody.

And as we waved to each other, and blew each other kisses, I was left wondering…

What impact does my existence have on the life of others?
Moreover, since who I am is reflected in the business that I’ve created (that’s a given)…
What impact do my professional activities have on those whose minds and hearts they touch?

Another George (G Bernard Shaw) made this insightful comment:
“This is the true joy in life… being used for a Purpose recognised by yourself as a mighty one.
Being a force of Nature instead of a feverish little clod of self-importance, of ailments and grievances;
complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.”

What about you? What about your business?
Is that a force of Nature, capable of lifting others’ lives?

Looking at what you said and did this week… did someone in this world rejoice that their life has intersected with yours?
Or did they find you in a state of mind where the world was not devoting itself to making you happy?

Having spoken with you, will they carry with them, for at least one precious week, the way that engaging with you and your business has made them feel?
Has being in your presence – listening to your comments – been an experience of delight, and brightened their life for a moment?

George will one day work out his Purpose for being here, walking amongst the rest of us.
Until he does… I’m grateful that his unconscious Purpose is to bring joy to the lives of others.

I wonder what you and I can do in our work, so that (whatever else we accomplish) 
our clients and our team come to us… not because they’re obliged to… but because doing so is something they eagerly look forward to?

Thank you, Dear Georgie, for that lesson.