February 10, 2019

Bend it like barmy

It’s strange.

I don’t remember much of that two-day event.
thirteen years ago… it’s little more than a blur.

I do remember signing the disclaimer form.
I do remember looking at the two ashen faces either side of me, as we sat… and watched.
I do remember that my breathing was fast, and shallow.
And that my hands hurt, as I clenched them so hard.

I remember watching a young lady volunteering to be first in our group.
She went up.
And she did it. She only bloomin’ did it!

Then it was my turn.

I walked up to one of the coaches facilitating the event.
He had a clean, crisp, bright wooden board held up to his chest. Held tight.

I held the wooden arrow horizontally, so that it’s feathered end sat neatly in a groove in the board.
Then I held the pointed metal end to my throat: in that soft, vulnerable part, in the dip between your left and right collar bones.

He looked unflinchingly into my eyes.
“David.” he said. “Can you do this?”

I felt a scream rising from my gut.
But swallowed it fiercely down.

“Yes. I can do this.” I know my lips and throat moved. But I can’t recall hearing my voice.

“Will you do this?” he asked, calmly.

“Yes. I will do this.” I heard someone say.
They told me that it really was me.

Then I pushed firmly towards him.

I could feel the arrow pushing – inconceivably – into my throat.
And – even more conceivably – I continued my relentless push towards my partner-in-lunacy.

I know. You’re struggling to believe what you’re reading right now.
But I’m sitting here… telling you…
The Arrow Bent.
And Then Snapped Clean In Two.

I have the two pieces in my attic.

And I still don’t believe it either.
I just don’t believe my insanity: agreeing to take part in that moment of sheer ridiculousness.

Nor did Wendy when I returned home.

But I’m here to tell you…

More often than not…
The barrier to our extraordinary thoughts and deeds…

Is our Fear.

More often than not…
We refuse to believe how magnificent we are.

And we run our businesses accordingly.
We live within that fearful circle.

What could our influence be… if only we would approach each week with “Fearless Possibilities” as the heading of our To-Do List?