The Transformational First Meeting

In spite of all the industry talk about being Client Centric… hundreds of searching interviews with Financial Advisers/Planners shows that early client meetings are anything but!

In this workshop you’ll learn to stop presenting… stop persuading… stop talking… and to ‘shut up’ in a most intriguing way.

You’ll also learn why much that is taught about questioning and listening in Financial Services has become part of the problem – not the solution.

Finally, you’ll see that there’s a way of engaging with clients, which creates Trust-at-Speed™; and why this naturally leads to much higher fees.


  • The structure of conversation that will change the nature and purpose of your client relationships… and your revenue;

  • The 7 factors that destroy trust and weaken every client relationship… and how you can reverse that process;

  • Specific questions designed to encourage your client to engage with, and commit to, your advice designed to enhance their lives

  • How to combine intellectual and emotional skills, so that clients are happy to pay you – and refer you – more;

  • How to connect the dots between this new way of communicating… and reducing your stress and working hours.