The Prosperous Adviser

There are few business experiences so satisfying as when a client becomes deeply, enthusiastically engaged in their relationship with you and your team. 

What magnifies that satisfaction is when their engagement with you changes their life, not just re-organises their money. 

Why this makes your firm more exciting to be part of…

Why clients will willingly pay you much higher fees…

And why they then become your most enthusiastic advocates …

This you’ll discover during this workshop.


  • Understand the 4 main factors that increase Client Engagement, and why this impacts your revenue, your team’s enjoyment and your fulfilment;

  • Demonstrate the link between your capacity to accelerate client trust and a more productive, innovative, happy working environment;

  • Leave with a roadmap to build a client community, which is not only happy to pay you much higher fees… but will introduce a more consistent quantity and quality;

  • A simple leadership model which can change the way that everybody – internal and external - speaks more highly of your firm.