When You Join The Soul Millionaire Journey

Your investment – £200 + VAT per month

What you can expect

The Programme (Just Half of the Story)

  • A one-to-one Kickstart Coaching conversation 
  • 4 foundational reading books
  • 4 Coherent Stages, 8 Steps, simple Baby Steps
  • Engaging videos
  • Inspiring workbooks
  • Checklists, templates
  • Blueprints, scripts
  • Questionnaires
  • 8 Milestone Maps (to monitor your progress)

The Tribe (The Other Half of the Story!)

  • Monthly Tribe ‘Breakouts’ (a safe place)
  • Coaching Buddies
  • Thinking Partnerships
  • Accountability Groups
  • Encouragement
  • Support
  • Sharing discoveries
  • Sharing questions
  • Sharing wins

How The Soul Millionaire Journey can work for you

An introduction

1. Why advisers are excited
about this programme

2. Helping you make one leap towards success

3. The Soul Millionaire Blueprint

4. Why it will take your breath away

To help your decision making, here are two downloads

This is the book that started it all!

This Introduction & Overview should answer any questions you may have.

Your investment – £200 + VAT per month