Get A Life!

Time Management Doesn’t Work!

It doesn’t work, because you can’t manage or control time. Of course!


What Financial Advisers & Planners (particularly leaders) can do is to radically alter their behaviour in their professional role.

There’s now plenty of evidence to show that you can transform the quality of your life in this profession. You really can stop business pressure becoming overwhelming and stressful.

This workshop will show you how – by doing that – you can create a highly successful ‘Lower-Activity, Higher-Performance, Richer Results’ firm. 


  • How to identify your 3 major creators of business stress and pressure – and how to tame them;

  • A tool to map out the weekly/monthly choices that can help create that ‘extra free day per week’;

  • Design the first steps in improving Clarity, Simplicity and Direction in your business;

  • How to stop technology being part of the problem… and ensure it’s the solution;

  • A barometer to keep you in Success mode, and avoid exhaustion, weary thinking and burnout.