The Financial Planning Revolution

At The Soul Millionaire, we believe that much of this profession’s traditions are strangling its future… and holding your success hostage.

David’s work with Financial Advisers and Planners shows that you can create a life-enhancing business, by blasting through those traditions and myths.

This workshop helps Advisers/Planners to think radically differently about their role. Then demonstrates what happens to revenue, team performance, fulfilment and enjoyment… when that revolutionary thinking is put into action


The 4-Stage, 8-Step model that elevates revenue, enjoyment, fulfilment, sustainability… and freedom;

Examples of how each these combined stages makes your firm more referable and more valuable to clients and introducers;

The knowledge to multiply what clients are willing to pay you… before each Potential-Client meeting;

How Stage 3 of The Journey makes slick presentations and clever sales techniques irrelevant.