Thank you for taking time to learn about how I can contribute to your event.

Below – and in the various videos on our website – you’ll find material which will give you a sense of speaking style and content.

Completely Different

In the 15 years that he has been professionally speaking, coaching and writing, David has delivered powerful, transformative messages to thousands of professionals all over the world.

A gifted communicator, as well as an accomplished business coach… from the moment that David starts to engage an audience, his purpose defines his style.

  • He’s not there to inform them… although there will be information aplenty, supported by robust research and empirical evidence;

  • Nor is he there to inspire them… although delegates at conferences, seminars and workshops enthuse in writing about his inspirational impact;

  • What happens when David speaks and facilitates is transformational.

  • His message transforms perspective… thinking… behaviour

    And delegates love it!


Who Does David and His Team Love to Talk To?

  • Founders, leaders and senior decision-makers in financial advisory and financial planning firms;

  • Leaders who are not ready to ‘ride off into the sunset’. They’re ready to elevate their business and improve the quality of their life, their team’s life, their clients’ lives;

  • Leaders who are already good at what they do. So, they don’t need to be taught the basics of creating revenue; 

  • Leaders who feel that they’d like their team to make a greater difference in their clients’ lives. They’re just not sure how to do that!

Presentation Overviews

Typically, David engages delegates through 2- to 3-hour workshops.

However, workshop content has also been designed to deliver more succinctly via 1-hour seminars and 15- to 30-minute conference key-note presentations.