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What Happens Inside The Business

3 major components:

  •  Be different, be memorable (7 Principles)
  • The right messages to the right clients
  • Expert & Transformational; not Competent & Transactional


Creating Your ‘Movement’ or Tribe

4 major components:

  • Find Your Tribe
  • Research & Educate Your Tribe
  • Distil What Your Tribe Values
  • (Re)create Service (Outcomes, not Output)


What You Do To Others

4 major components:

  • Coaching (the right questions),
  • “Himalaya Experience” – Life, not Lifestyle
  • Leadership (vision setter, motivator, taskmaster, analyser)
  • The Speed of Trust (5 components)


What Happens To You – True Wealth

  • Income/business value
  • Excellence
  • Influence (clients, team)
  • Life
  • Horizons
  • Legacy

Making decisions and taking action are hallmarks of successful leaders. Let’s talk today about how to ignite YOUR business!

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