Soul Millionaire


Revenue Multiplied… Client Relationships Transformed… Family Life Enriched

When I engaged David as my Business Coach, life was rather difficult to say the least. I was working huge hours, battling with the stress of running a new business, and struggling to devote time to my family and other passions in life.

In just 2 short years, things have changed beyond recognition.

The business now turns over in a month what it used to turn over in a year. Recurring revenue has increased by a factor of 6. We have a steady stream of ideal clients. And we are well on the way to building a £1 million sustainable, scalable business.

Just as important, the work I’m doing with clients is far deeper, more meaningful and more fulfilling.

What’s more, all of this has been achieved while giving myself more time to spend with my young family.

With all of the above said, the very best part is … I feel as if there are bigger, better, more exciting adventures to come. This journey is only just getting started!

Managing Director
Chartered Financial Planner | Certified Financial Planner™

Profits Doubled. £87 Million Increase In Assets Under Management. And A Calm 30 Hour Week!

Richard StocksWe’ve transformed our Financial Advisory Practice into a true BUSINESS… and I now feel less trapped, more relaxed! David helped us to design a coherent marketing strategy, centred on Hampshire-based business owner clients. We increased our recurrent revenue per client by 50%. And massively increased our recurrent revenue and assets under management.

Now I look at our paperless office, Wrap-based service, and improved profits (with far less work).

All of this has allowed me to take increased leisure time with my family. This is what I hoped for, before starting this programme!

Richard Stocks, Managing Director, FA Watts (Investment Managers) Ltd

Higher Fees, Less Stress, and More Time With My Little Girl

steve-bw-2015“Life has changed, beyond recognition, in just 18 months!
Coaching, with David, revealed the true reasons behind me not reaching my business potential
The problem was one of Perspective & Priorities
Now, everything is so much better. Transformed. Both in my business… and at home.

There’s much more Recurring Revenue…
I’m comfortable charging higher fees, whilst providing a more meaningful service.
That’s because I’m more clear about the unquestionable value and worth that I bring into the lives of my clients.

I’m relaxed when saying “No” to new clients who don’t meet my criteria

In fact, “Relaxed” is the key word now. The constant stress is a thing of the past… Because I have complete control over my time!
My family – particularly my little girl – see daily that they are my absolute priority
And I’ve structured the business to support a richer and fuller life with them
What’s more… I now have time to return to a passion I thought had disappeared forever… playing my drums!

On The Soul Millionaire Journey… Everybody wins!”

Steve Buckle, Managing Director, Ashworth Financial Planning

Increased clarity, confidence … a referral strategy delivering £1 million clients… and a flattering award

Mary Waring“Winning Citywealth’s “Entrepreneurial Woman of The Year” award was just further evidence of the power of The Soul Millionaire Journey that I’ve undertaken!

My brief to David was “Help Me to Become The Dominant Adviser in My Niche Market In The South East”

3 years after embarking on this journey, it’s clear that I’m well on the way!

I now have an online and offline presence – and a coherent Referral Process – which together deliver Quality Referrals which most advisers merely dream about. Investible assets between £1 million and £3 million are now the norm.

What’s more, the skills I’ve learned are helping me to change the lives of my clients… not just to reorganise their money.

Also, the professional relationships and Strategic Alliances I’m developing suggest even greater, transformational results in the months and years to come.

This Journey has saved me years of unnecessary, demoralisingly-hard work and bumbling around.

And, it has freed me up to do those things that our family find most fulfilling.

The beauty is, as a Chartered Accountant, I’m comparatively new to Financial Planning; so I’ve hardly started on my Journey!”

Mary Waring, Chartered Financial Planner, Founder – Wealth For Women

Trebled Our Recurrent Revenue, More Enjoyment, and the Future Looks Brighter

Andy-NevettIt was in one of David’s workshops that I knew I was embarking on a journey of Deep Change.

Then – In 2 years of coaching – David had a bigger impact on my business thinking than everyone else combined in the previous 20 years!

Since that thought-shifting period…
We’ve completely redesigned our business.
We’ve become true Financial Planners and a more astute business team

Today, our recurrent revenue gives us room to really Think and Plan… and enjoy life more.

What’s more, we’re making a greater difference to more lives. And that is priceless.”

Andy Nevett,  Managing Director, Freedom Financial Planning

Recurring Fee Revenue Up By Over 150%… Less Stress… Work Is More Rewarding… Legacy More Assured

Stephen SumnerFirstly, not only have our results improved rapidly…the experience in travelling The Soul Millionaire Journey was fantastic.

My life has changed, because I’m enjoying business more.
I work far fewer hours…, and am able to focus on those few valuable things which I do best.
Client relationships have improved massively. Because the quality of our service has improved.

My business and leadership skills are far better.

Our clients pay us more.

I’m sure I could have got here, eventually.

What The Soul Millionaire Journey has done is saved me wasting years of my life!

And because recurrent revenue easily covers our overheads… I sleep better at night.

You can’t put a price on that!

Stephen Sumner – MD, Explore Wealth Management Ltd

The Change Has Filled Us With Confidence, Optimism and A Sense of Fulfillment

Nigel WoodsIn one brief year, David completely transformed the way we do business and the way we work with clients.

Clients and other Advisers are impressed by our deep knowledge of our Niche Markets… our new services, and the way we address the REAL problems of our clients. We’ve moved to new offices, and increased our support team.

We’re not selling financial instruments any more. We’re making a real difference to clients lives. We feel we’re creating more than a business. We’re creating a legacy.

Nigel & Paul Woods – Directors, Imagine Financial Planning

This Has Made A Difference To Our Business… And Our Life

Nicholas PlattI can’t emphasise enough how important this education and coaching has been in clarifying my thoughts. I’m getting out there, and winning more high-quality, fulfilling clients.

When you speak – I listen. And I recommend other Advisers to do the same!

Nicholas Platt – Managing Director, Henwood Court Financial Planning

We No Longer Chase The Money. Revenue Is More Predictable. Life Has Changed Beyond All Recognition!

James CheethamDavid gave us a step-by-step business and marketing Roadmap.

His influence improved our firm’s cohesiveness, effectiveness and motivation.

Now, we no longer need to chase new clients… our reputation in our niche market is that good! Revenue flows to us, because we focus on helping clients achieve their dreams…and back it up with a clearer, well-structured service.

In business, I have greater clarity. In life, our family feels as if we’re at the start of a new adventure. Change doesn’t get much more profound than that!

James Cheetham – Director, Bailey Beaumont Financial Services.

In 15 Months, Recurrent Revenue Shot From 10% to 50% of My Income!

Simon HoldsworthDavid’s insight and astute analysis of my business helped to drive a massive increase in my predictable revenue… very quickly.

He helped me to refocus my energy and expertise… improve client relationships… and deliver more of what clients really want!

Simon Holdsworth – MD, Duchy Wealth Management

One of The Biggest Influences On My Life!

Nigel Barker-SmithDavid has been one of the biggest influences on my life, by far!

Our cashflow is more predictable and secure.

Our future is more sustainable.

Our local position more dominant.

And we’re making a profound difference in our clients’ lives!

Nigel Barker-Smith – Managing Director, NBS Financial Planning.
(New Model Adviser Cover Star)

Better Quality Referrals. Improved Service. Bigger Fees. More Family Time

Nicola WattsWe now have a structured, well documented, clearly segmented service… which has made life so much easier (and profitable). Not only that, but we’re clearer about who we prefer to work with… and how much more they should pay.

Since everything that we do is more focused, attractive and effective… I now have more free time for me! Yet, we’re delivering a better client experience, and being paid more to do so.

Nicola Watts, Managing Director, Jane Smith Financial Planning (New Model Adviser Cover Star)

100% Increase In Revenue. 1,000% Increase In Confidence!

Andy McLaughlin18 months ago – before I attended my first SOUL workshop – I had reached a point of exhaustion,  feeling consumed by my business… and frustrated that clients wouldn’t pay the fees  we felt we deserved. Now, I’ve doubled my revenue & profits…  and I’m regularly turning away any new clients with less than £1 million to invest!

What’s more, I’ve released time to enjoy life again, and fulfill my dream of saving lives through increased involvement in an international charity!”

Andy McLaughlin – MD, Astute Wealth Management

Less Stress, More Time, Much More Recurrent Revenue. And We’re Very Selective Who We Work With!

Eric MowinskiClients tell us that we definitely stand out from the crowd!

Since working with David, our business looks, feels and behaves differently.

Work is more enjoyable… our activity more purposeful, clearer, simpler and more consistent. Recurrent Revenue covers our overheads… and I’m within sight of a 4-day working week!

Eric Mowinski, Director, Landmark Financial Planning